Cab Drivers Have Bigger Brains Than You

I am a binge-watch addict.

If I start a series then I will not stop until I watched every friggin episode of every friggin season.

In a single sitting.

I might stop for a moment when I desperately need to go to the bathroom.. but I won’t leave the house, I won’t sleep.. I probably will not eat much either.

That’s why, some time ago, I swore I will never ever own a netflix account… nor to ever watch any *famous* series. (No, I never watched Breaking bad, Game of Thrones, … and the rest).

But sometimes I break down. And I succumb to the addiction. Like.. this Christmas.

The excuse was – it was about the brain. Interesting, educational stuff.

One thing in particular struck me – our brain, the actual physical structure, the wiring, constantly changes!

For example.

London black cab drivers, to get the license, need to pass this very difficult exam. They need to know – BY MEMORY – every single street on the London map. And not just their names. They need to have the exact SPACIAL MEMORY of the streets around London. It takes them 4 years of study to pass. (And the success rate is still below 50%.)

Couple of brain scientists decided to study those guys’ brains. ‘Cos, you know, they are brain scientists.

What did they find out?

The part of their brain in charge of memory and spacial orientation (hippocampus) had grown huge! Like, really big. Because for 4 years, day after day, they memorized, visualized, every friggin street on the London map.

Think about it… everything you do on a daily basis, consistently, like… in form of a practice, shapes your brain in a certain way.

That’s powerful stuff.

That brain show? It’s called “The Brain With David Eagleman”