Do you close the bathroom door when you’re home alone?

Do you ever wonder how many of us are out there that are weirdos just like you?

(Here’s a quick answer: we are all weird.)

I do this all the time. For example…

I got curious recently about this “bathroom door open/close” practice and asked Google about it. Guess what? Many are wondering the same.

Here’s a list of most frequent answers:

## Group A – I always close the door because… ##

– To prevent a neurotic cat or dog to enter and sit on my lap.

– I want to feel safe in case somebody would break into my home while I poo and having an extra door as an obstacle between me and the intruder gives me that comfort.

– I want to keep the stink from spreading around the house.

– My bathroom has a direct view through my living room window into my neighbour’s home. I don’t want him to see me poo.

## Group B – I always leave door open if I am alone because… ##

– The cat or dog freaks out if I close the door, so I let them come in and watch me poo.

– I worry that somebody would break into the house while I’m on the throne and I won’t notice it.

– I can’t stand the stink and need to keep the bathroom aired at all times.

– I enjoy watching the view from my living room window while I concentrate.


But.. did you notice a curious thing?

Those are the same exact reasons… from the opposite sides!

And here’s the lesson.

Whatever it is that you sell or do, people will always have reasons why they buy or don’t buy from you.
They will often contradict each other and in many cases they won’t make sense.

But who says that humans make sense, anyway?

– Tanja

So… what’s your answer? Open or closed? 😉