Do you know Bob?

Meet Bob.

He has a problem. He woke up today and decided he’s going to be pissed off at everything. No matter what.

Bob is pissed off at the train that left the same minute he arrived at the station.
Bob is pissed off at the barista that is taking so long to text on their phone.
Bob is pissed off at his boss because they’re a fukcing morron.
Bob is pissed off at his colleague Monica because it’s the third time this month she’s taking a day off.
Bob is pissed off at somebody on the internet because they think Donald Trump is awesome.
Bob is pissed off because he needs to wake up early tomorrow.

Bob is pissed off because you sent him an email and were trying to sell him your product or service.

Now meet Mary, Alice and Jack.
They received your sales email, too. The exact same one.

But Mary, Alice, and Jack were intrigued… and excited.

You see, that email was exactly what they were looking for. To the tee. It felt like as if you were reading their minds. They rushed to fetch their wallets and they happily bought. Sent you a Thank You email, even.

Forget Bob. He’ll die and be pissed off. (Just make sure you don’t become one.)

Focus on Marys and Alices and Jacks.

– Tanja


I can help you write that message that will read their minds. Just contact me. It is that simple.