Everyday life in Utopia

Every year around Christmas/New Year I fly back home to spend some time with my parents. (Well, technically that’s not home anymore but I still call it that.)

My folks watch TV. A lot. All the time.

The TV is like a member of the family. Always on, even if nobody’s watching it. Just for background noise.

Now, I don’t own a TV. It’s been 9 years since I stopped watching it. I used to be like that, though. Like my folks. In front of TV all the time.

When I gave up watching TV I started to think I was better than them.

But I wasn’t.

You see, I just switched one box with another. I could brag all day long that I didn’t watch TV, but I was sitting in front of my laptop all the friggin time! Even taking it to bed with me.

It became a member of MY family. Always on, even when I wasn’t using it. Just for background “noise”.

See the pattern? Same shit, different packaging.

We are addicted to distractions, passive entertainment. Because it “feels” like having an interesting life. (The brain doesn’t know the difference.) Without any risk.

But my time is running out. That life I always wanted? Yeah, I still have to create it.

So I have a some rules now. No gadgets in bed. Read one book per week. Morning planing of the day. Journaling. Always carry my Moleskine with me. Writing by hand daily. Deliberately creating habits that will make everything easier.

I’m creating my “Everyday Life in Utopia”.

Hey, some will disagree. Some will say that’s just not how it works. But it works for me. And I know it could work for others, too.



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