How to make big money selling air to China

A curious one from the interwebz…

(But it sort of cements the fact that you can literally sell anything… when you have a crowd that is starving for it.)

Like… bottled air.

And I DO mean literally.

Fresh bottled air is selling like hot cakes in China right now.

Don’t believe me?

Google it.

The pollution is becoming so critical that they are willing to spend over £100 for a jar of fresh and crisp air.

Kinda mind boggling, right?

(I wonder how was bottled water perceived when it was first introduced.)

The lesson here is two-fold:

We better stop screwing with our environment ‘n’ shit or… something ugly’s gonna happen.

Something that you consider so obvious and common that’s practically unsellable can be an item of luxury… and in huge demand when you find a market that is carving for it.

The bigger the carve, the less sophisticated your marketing can be. In China, all that’s needed is, “Fresh Air from France sold here!”

But, hey, you are not that lucky.

You need to create this same intense carve by understanding your market a bit deeper. You need to find your market’s biggest desire and connect it with the right appeal of your product. Sometimes it’s obvious and direct. Sometimes it’s more subtle… and sometimes it’s completely invisible.

That’s what a good copywriting can do for you.

Look, I won’t tell you to book a consultation with me. You’re probably not ready.

But I tell you one thing you CAN do. Go grab a good direct response copywriting book. One that clearly explains you all the basics and has good examples and how-tos. One like Joe Sugarman’s The Adweek Copywriting Handbook.

Go grab it from the link below: