I’m doing it with one hand only…

On a whim,
I decided to do Ramit’s Hell Week challenge. The point is to push through your perceived limits and do things 20x.

Day one – 21 minute plank hold.

Oh… my… god.

I am typing this with my right hand because my left one…. is still just a sack of wobbly jelly. I can’t raise it above my head.

I literally did not feel it for a while and got a bit freaked out. Disgustingly out of shape, even.


It is fascinating observing mind chatter when body goes through pain. First 5 minutes was quite alright. But then.. uh. resistance.

“Oh, ok… this is not so difficult”
“Uh, actually… it’s more difficult than I though.”
“Why are you doing it Tanja?”
“Come on, this is stooopid!”
“I don’t have to do this!”
“Oh you stupid bitch.. you always give up. Never finish a bloody thing!”
“Again, why are you doing this?”
“Tanja, you can do it. One more minute.”
“Shit. I can’t feel my left arm anymore. Is this normal?”
“My left arm is turning a bit blue. Seriously… is this normal?.”
“Look, you can do it. Just one more minute.”
“Just one more minute Tanja.”
“Come on, you will do this.”
“Just one more minute.”
“Come on girl!! Last minute!!”

I did it. And it felt great. But I was this close to quitting at every minute. The one thing that kep me going was the “one minute at a time” cheat. A trick to keep mind from freaking out.

You hear it so many times, but it’s true… You never know where your limits are and usually they are all in your head.

Speaking of which…

One of the biggest mistakes that I was making as a freelancer (building software) was to impose my limiting beliefs about money onto others. Because I felt uncomfortable asking a higher rate I quickly justified it with “they can’t afford it anyway”. Well, who am I to say what people can or can’t afford? Besides, I can only serve them as best as I can when they _can_ afford me. Every time I sold myself cheap I resented it.

So yeah, value. Perception. Beliefs. Limits. It’s all in the mind.

– Tanja

Your beliefs will reflect in your marketing copy, too if you’re not careful. Usually it manifests as a super weak or practically non existent call to action, buried inside some super polite and soft spoken words.

Don’t be shy. You have to sell the damn thing.