Make Them Cry And They Will Buy, Guaranteed!

We make decisions rationally.


Well… you’d think so.

And you would be wrong.

Truth is, our decision making is all run by our emotions.

Incapable of feeling? Then you’d be stuck desperately between choices and drove yourself out of your mind… but you’d still not be able to decide what to have for dinner.

It doesn’t make any sense, right?

A neuroscientist guy named Antonio Damasio studied a bunch of people with damaged brain – the part responsible to generate emotions. These folks all appeared normal, they just weren’t able to feel anything.

What he discovered was that they could not make any decision at all!

Nada. Zip. Nothing.

They could describe logically what they should be doing… yet, they could not even decide what to eat!

Emotions are key.

Next time you try to convince somebody with logical facts? Think again… then change strategy. You need to appeal to their emotions. And maybe stir them up a bit.

There’s a reason why all the best sales copy is highly emotional…

Scientifically proven copy that works.