One remarkably powerful “trick” to stop your readers cold and pay attention

Somebody was complaining how hard it is to find a job the other day… How hiring process is screwed up. How candidates should be screened anonymously… Yada, yada.

He was offended by some stats that said, “33% of 2000 hiring managers claimed to have made a decision within 90 seconds.”

“This shows everything that’s wrong with hiring process today,” he said.

What he doesn’t know is this:

33% of 2000 hiring managers are conscious to form their decisions within 90 seconds. The other 77% do just the same but are not aware of it.

And, you know… it’s not just hiring managers. We are all the same. We do judge books by their covers.

Which brings me to your ads.

You have, give or take, 3 seconds to grab the reader’s attention. (Probably less.)

In those 3 seconds you need to convince your reader that he really should read on because there’s a great payoff awaiting.

How do you do that?


Let me explain.

Your brain is wired to look out for danger. (Or problems. Same thing.) No matter what’s happening around you, your brain will recognize instantly if a lion is approaching and go into “Red Alert” mode. That’s how we survived. That’s why you’re here.

How to use that in your ads?

Simple. Don’t start your ad with the solution. The solution is safe. The solution does not raise his eyebrows. The solution does not scream “danger!”. In other words, lead with a problem.

Start your ad with a juicy problem your reader cannot ignore… and that will instantly fire “Red Alert” alarm inside their brain. He will be forced to stop on the spot and check what’s going on. That’s how you get ‘em.

And that’s just the beginning. Once you have his attention, there are 6 more stages to take your reader through if you want to win him over. (And their money.)

All of these are clearly described, step by step, in this little gem of a book called The Brain Audit.

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