The famous one-letter change in a headline that tripled the sales

The story goes like this.

Way back before the internet there was a music home study course that was selling via direct mail.

The headline for the sales letter was “Put Music In Your Life”.

See, in those ancient times, they had to feed type by hand. One day, the printer accidentally added one letter to the title.

The guys running the promotion did not notice that tiny mistake, and the letter got mailed.

The result?

The sales went up 300%.

Can you guess what the “tiny” mistake was? And, most importantly, WHY it had such a dramatic increase in sales?

And speaking of copywriting…

While I can’t promise you that I’ll make you 300% increase in sales, I can still improve your headlines and bust up conversions.

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P.S. The changed headline was “Puts Music In Your Life.”