The hidden risk no one’s talking about

I had my afternoon stroll around the Southbank of London the other day.

At some point I passed by a bike shop and the window got my attention.

A huge sign in big green stencil that said: The Right Bike Guarantee – or your money back!

The right bike guarantee?

Uhm, interesting. I just wrote an email about guarantees recently.

Back in the software days I’d just keep walking… but since I’m wearing my Copywriter’s hat all the time now, I decided to “investigate”.

(Meaning… entering the shop and asking the guy about it.)

“Oh, it’s very simple,” he said.

“We guarantee you that in our shop you find the Right bike. Not just any bike. But one that is right for you. When you buy a bicycle with us and then take it home and for some reason you’re not happy with it, you can bring it back and exchange it for another one until you find the one you love. If after 30 days you fail to find the one, we give you your money back.”

Now, that reminded me about the great little book I read not so long ago – The Brain Audit. (All about the psychology of buying.)

It talks about the obvious vs hidden risk of a purchase. A great guarantee not only takes care of the obvious risk – that’s something everyone does ‘cos it’s, well, obvious, duh – but it pays extra attention to the hidden risk. (There is ALWAYS a hidden risk that’s causing anxiety to your prospects. That’s like the law of nature or something.)

You see, that nasty hidden risk is usually the *real* reason why somebody decides NOT to buy.

And yet it’s so rare to see them being reversed with most of the guarantees out there.

“What if I won”t like it once I take it home?”

No worries – The Right Bike Guarantee is here to serve you. Bring it back and try another one!

But notice a clever thing going on here… the name of the guarantee. It’s named after the hidden risk it is reversing!

The effect being – putting the risk under the spotlight. The customer knows immediately that you understand their fears. That you know their doubts. And the anxiety is eliminated.

The Brain Audit is a great little book to have if you want to understand more about how our brain works in a buying situation.

You should totally go grab it from this affiliate link here: