There are 3 kinds of chimpanzees invented by nature…

(Gene Schwartz’ lesson here…)

The regular chimp.

The pygmy chimp.


… wait for it…

… You!

That’s right.

Human is the third kind of chimp.

What has this got to do with anything?


Look, we all have 3 kinds of brains. That’s a known fact. You know… the reptilian, the mammal, the human brain. (Or whatever they’re called in the academic circles.)

When you are using reason, thinking logically, writing poetry. When you are reading – dunno – Hemingway, you are using your human brain.

But here’s the thing.

When you are reading copy – sales copy – you are reading it with your chimpanzee brain. No exception.

And when it gets you in your gut – that’s the chimp waking up and taking control.

Writing copy is so much different than writing “normal” stuff.

It NEEDS to be simple, vivid, basic even. Like writing to a child. Because you ARE writing to a child – the chimp inside every one of your prospects.

Is your landing page not converting as much as you’d like? Are your emails left unopened and ignored? Do you feel like you’re not making your point across and nobody is clicking the things you ask them to?

Well, most likely it’s because the chimp is not paying attention.