When your emails become a tossed salad

I had some salad for lunch the other day.

It was one of those quick “I don’t really care what I toss inside as long as it’s green and crunchy” salads you do when you have no desire to spend more than a MINUTE in the kitchen.

God knows what was inside. Too many things to remember.

As you do, I was reading my daily emails while munching the crazy salad away.

And as I was munching and reading, reading and munching… I realized something.

I had no clue what the point of majority of the emails was. The text seemed to be tossed together as randomly as my salad. Whatever the sender had on his mind at the time of writing.

Random events that happened. Some stuff they are asking me to click on. Some exciting news they were announcing that I couldn’t care less… Time wasted.

You see, a good email (or any copy for that matter) has only one single objective. One idea. One point to drive across.

If there’s more, it only adds to confusion.

Don’t confuse your readers. Don’t bombard them with stuff that is only exciting to you. In fact, do not write about you at all. You are not important. It is only them. Your readers.